How Secure is Your WordPress Site?

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So, you have your WordPress site up and running, the wind is blowing nicely in your face, and all is going well, until…

What is this? You have been HACKED!

WordPress is the most widely used web platform in the world, so that’s one of the reason that some hackers are after you (it’s not personal, you know).

Don't wait until it's too late...

Cleaning up a WordPress website, after it has been hacked,

can take days, sometimes weeks to clean your site up

and restore your website integrity.


Your "Web Monster Security" subscription provides security features designed to keep your site healthy and secure.  



The simple truth is that you can not protect yourself from every Internet Vulnerability out on the web.  Malware, Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks, Viruses...  they all have the potential to take your website down and leave you incapacitated for days, weeks, even months; depending on the penetration.  However, we've designed a secure web hosting system that monitors your site and fixes vulnerabilities while you sleep!

You simply have NO CHOICE but to stay up to date with technology, or hire someone you trust to do it for you.  We have worked many disaster recovery efforts and strongly believe that:

The best defense is a good offense.

The single most important thing you can do for your WordPress website is to protect yourself from hackers, social engineers, and bad guys!  So we've designed a web hosting system that takes a comprehensive look at the surface of your website from the outside-in, as well as the files on the back-end from the inside-out, to detect hidden malware. If any website malware is detected, the automated tool quickly removes it so that your website does not become blacklisted or incur any downtime.


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Malware, short for malicious software, is typically installed on a website by hackers who find weaknesses — also known as vulnerabilities — in a website's code. Malware can spread viruses, steal personal or financial data, and even hijack computers. SiteLock, the global leader in website security, performs highly advanced scanning across 5,000,000 websites daily to detect and remove malware and vulnerabilities as soon as they hit!

Site Lock Security
  • ​Database Protection
  • Business Validation
  • Verfiable Trust Seal
  • Reputation Management
  • File Change Monitoring
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Website Application Scan
  • SQL Injection (SQLi) Vulnerability Scan

​We complete a full analysis of your website to detect and remove common malware. SiteLock® downloads your website files and scans them on SiteLock® servers, avoiding performance degradation on your server. After scanning the website files, SiteLock® removes any malware and synchronizes changes back to your server.

Security everyone's responsibility.


Pink Monster

We provide premium hosting services that allows SiteLock® to run scans on your site to keep it free from bad guys.   Additional features make our hosting platform a cut above all other WordPress hosting companies regarding internet security to include:

  • Email Spam & Virus Protection
  • DoS Attack Protection
  • Application Firewalls
  • Dedicated RAM

It's not IF, but WHEN...  

Hackers are everywhere and they lurk and prey

upon innocent victims.

Protect Your Website with Web Monster Security!  

As an added bonus, we have additional services

that simply don't exist as a package

anywhere else on the Internet!


We back up your site on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis in order to always, always, always, be able to roll back in the event of any unforeseen issue that should arise. We provide full disaster recovery services, keeping all of your content secure, protected, and super duper safe.  If any bad happens, we will recover your site and have it restored within 48 hours.


All plugins, themes, and WordPress updates are managed and updated regularly for an optimal defense posture. Your site is maintained with the assurance of all patches applied in the event of any security issues on the Internet. Your site is protected and secure at all times despite the sometimes volatile state of web applications on the Internet due to hackers, swindlers, and bad guys.


We use Powerful up-time monitoring tools,  where we ping your site every 10 minutes to ensure it is up and running. We are always “listening” to the internet traffic and can detect if something is wrong. If there is a disruption in service, we’ll be the FIRST to know and we will be in action before you even know what happened!  This report is also provided to you monthly and includes any down time that may have occurred due to  both planned or unforeseen issues and we'll get them resolve asap!


Web Monster Security

With your subscription to Web Monster Security, you receive UNLIMITED 15 minute coaching sessions on how to manage and monetize your website and bring in sales!  With over 20 years’ experience, WE HAVE YOUR BACK with the latest technology, best business practices, and online marketing strategies so well thought out, tested, and implemented that even Steve Jobs would be impressed!

Kick back and relax knowing that your website security is tight, conversion rates are highand your email list is growing!  

And in case of emergency, if anything bad happens to your site, we’ll get you back UP and running within 48 hours or less!

Time is money.  Don't spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, recovering from a web intrusion or exploit.​  Protect your site with a subscription to Web Monster Security today!

An ounce of prevention is worth

a pound of cure.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Protecting your site(s) today could save you

thousands of dollars in disaster recovery efforts.

$125.00 a month

$95.00 a month!

* This subscription is billed monthly and can be canceled at any time.  

Get two months FREE!  Full Pay annual subscriptions are available for purchase here.

Regina Luffey

About Regina Luffey

~ Author of "Create Your Client Getting Web System" Online Program

With over 15 years of Department of Defense IT Management experience, Regina has a vast knowledge of IT security, network, web design and database communication skills. Having seen several companies loose their websites to malicious attacks, viruses, or accidental catastrophes, she has designed a program to assist those who are serious about their online presence and committed to being secure, safe, and responsible as well as profitable in their online business!

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